Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Scam - Tara Medium: An Offshore Empire Exposed

Update: 6-13-13: Will the REAL Dickson Lam come on down?

In this article you'll learn the ugly truth about Tara Medium, and discover tara-medium.com and many similar psychic/medium/astrology scam sites are actually operated by dirty accountants who specialize in offshore "company" formation.

There are other crooks involved, such as corrupt financial services organizations in Asia, Europe and elsewhere, Brand and domain management companies, web hosts, wealthy businesspersons, investors, and more... but it's a lot to explain such an elaborate web of deceit.

This is a sizable scam network with ties to France, Switzerland, UK, Luxembourg, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Cyprus, BVI and beyond.

You'll find the vast majority of these scam sites were registered in Luxembourg, typically through EuroDNS, and are managed by Brandshelter : a division of Key-Systems GmbH, whose services include anonymous domain registration. Alexander Siffrin, CEO, also Chairman of the Board of Management of KeyDrive S.A., Luxembourg.

Legitimate business and tax advantages aside, it's important to note that Luxembourg is a gateway to the offshore world.

Millions of $$$ have probably been raked in by these crooks over the years, which is bad enough, but the larger question becomes; where is the money really going? What is it being used for? To buy rich scumbags a new yacht, Bentley or Rolls? Or do these criminals have a much more sinister agenda?

Furthermore, are these accountants and their clients and business associates also engaged in money laundering and tax evasion? My guess would be yes.

Basic facts you should know about tara-medium.com

Tara does not exist. They are Chinese criminals who make false claims, tell lies, use mind games, scare tactics, emotional extortion and billing fraud to steal money from vulnerable people worldwide. But it's also important to understand this psychic/astrology scam network doesn't end with "Tara", the Chinese, and Hong Kong. Numerous crooks in several continents are involved, and they're currently operating hundreds or thousands of domains.

The scare tactic examples below were copied from tara-medium.com hidden web pages, which are presented as unique, original "personalized readings", the fictitious Tara falsely claims required a lot of her time and effort to produce, so that victims feel they're somehow indebted to her.

"I don’t want to scare you, but there isn’t much time left for you. 
I had a strange vision that bothered me a lot. There was a shadow, and hands reaching out to you. This vision is a bad sign. It means that someone has been using the occult to try and harm you"
"Someone or something has been trying to take control of your destiny, probably to do you harm."
"there is an evil influence around you that is trying to attract bad luck into your life."

Tara then offers magical protection from the dark forces of evil she claims are harming and  endangering people -- but only to those who are willing to pay for her services.

Messages sent from "Your devoted friend Tara"
Currently using this address in emails:
P.O. Box 988 - Streamwood, IL 60107

-Tara-medium.com was registered by Dickson Lam, not Tara.
-The Domain Registrar is Luxembourg-based Eurodns S.A.
-The website is currently hosted by Udomain in Hong Kong.
This was done primarily because of Luxembourg and Hong Kong taxation laws, and Brand, IP (Intellectual Property) associated tax breaks among other things. Both the domain registrar and web host  may be involved in this scam.
The so-called "businesses" associated with Tara Medium are Astroway Ltd (formerly Head Web Ltd) and AstrA Way Ltd (Cyprus) which is a shell company, not a legitimate business. Whatever Astroway is, it's like a shape-shifter, ever transforming and moving around to avoid detection and extermination. So beware anything Astro-ish sounding, ie: Astro-way, AstrA way, Astroline, Astrogroup, etc.

Astroway-distributed Apple applications such as "Your Personal Psychic Tarot" can not be trusted. It's probably spyware designed to steal banking info and other sensitive data.

Products sold in the Tara-medium.com store are worthless trash, and may infect your computer.

There are many customer complaints about unauthorized credit card charges related to Tara Medium/Astroway Ltd products and services. This has been going on over five years, unchecked.

If you've been ripped off by Tara, maybe you should contact the real thieves stealing your money. Then file a report with the government agencies handling internet fraud in your country. Don't let the crooks walk away free, and continue to steal. Do your part to shut them down.

Common Sense Advice:

READ website terms of service pages. Look for company names and addresses, business registration numbers, billing contact info etc.

Use domain lookup tools to check website registrant info. Many domain registrants hide behind privacy services, and falsify information, so be aware of that. Always check a website's reputation and read the reviews thoroughly before you do any business with them. And keep in mind criminals often pretend to be satisfied customers and place positive web reviews about their own products and services to fool people. Any positive reviews you read about Tara Medium are LIES.

Google the information you gather before you hand money over to criminal organizations, and evil punks like Dickson Lam.

Dickson Lam doesn't give a damn about your problems, feelings, lives or dreams... he only cares how he can exploit that for profit.
It's all about money and the BrandZ ™ to Dickhead SCAM.

I'm not going to study every country's laws regarding online psychics and internet fraud, and try to explain your legal options. All I will say is; If you've received frightening readings, email messages, or were told lies, or believed you were sending money to a genuine psychic or astrologer, I would argue you're a victim of atrocious, deceptive, unethical business practices at the very least, if not also a crime, and you should demand a full refund, as well as report your case to police and consumer watchdog groups.

If a website or business make any unauthorized charges, then you're a victim of billing fraud, which is indeed a crime.

The worst part is, if you're sending money to criminals (who are doing god only knows what with the money)... you are directly contributing to the propagation of evil, as well as unwittingly associating yourselves with some really bad characters. In other words, if a criminal investigation ever takes place, and financial records are seized... your names, addresses, credit card info etc will probably find its way into the hands of authorities, who will then want to know if you're simply an innocent scam victim -- or an active criminal contributor and willing participant.

I'm sure you had no idea the fake psychic you paid for a bogus reading was a dirty accountant, who is perhaps shuffling assets for affluent clients, hiding and laundering money for criminals or dirty businessmen, but the fact remains you sent them money, so it now becomes a guilt by association issue. Heaven forbid these crooks are tied to organized crime, drug or human trafficking, terrorist organizations, foreign military spies and saboteurs etc, but that is indeed a distinct and frightening possibility. But don't let that stop you from reporting them, because they feed off your fears, and this wicked game must come to an end.

Warning to All:
Beware domains registered with, or displaying on their site pages, or in their emails, any of the info listed below..
Because they're probably run by dirty accountants. And they're likely engaged in billing fraud, so do not give them your CC# !!!
These will include PHONY PSYCHICS Tara, George Tupak, Gabriella, Maria, Rucker/Theodor, Rinalda, Adele, Alexis, Julia, Carmen, Victoria, Angela, Leila, Yolanda, Padre Doro, Irma, Teresa.... and too many more to name.

ASTROWAY LTD (formerly Head Web Ltd)
Unit 2605 Island Place Tower, 510 King's Road, North Point, Hong Kong
Address related offshore entities map: offshoreleaks.icij.org/nodes/239918
Business Registration # 1106393
Astra Way Ltd
Nikou Pantelide 8, flat/office 103, P.C. 2045, Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus
Business Registration # HE 294071

See also:
Unit 2605 Island Place Tower, 510 King's Road, North Point, Hong Kong
(Jerry Lam, aka Jerry Wing-Yi Lam, Jerry Lam Wing Yi) Founder & Partner of Bentleys C.P.A. Company Ltd.
Now Senior Associate at The Riverside Company
Company Info:
Bentleys provide a range of professional services including audit, tax, accounting, corporate and advisory services to their clients.
-Formation of private companies in Hong Kong, PRC and other jurisdictions such as British Virgin Islands, Seychelles, Samoa and Cayman Islands, etc.
-Formation of companies limited by guarantee in Hong Kong.
-Registration of sole proprietorship and partnership companies in HK.
-Assistance in opening of bank accounts.

Some of the Bentleys Team.
From left to right: Tupak, Theodor, Gabriella, Rucker, Fanny Lai...

Bentleys head office address:
Rooms 705-706, 7/F., Nan Fung Tower, 173 Des Voeux Road, Central, HK.
Tel : +852 2542 0031,
+852 2542 0005 (Ms Wong)
Mobile: (852) 9575 6168
Fax : +852 2542 0015
Email: info@bentleysco.com

Bentleys branch office addresses:
Unit 2605, Island Place Tower, 510 King’s Road, North Point, HK  
Offshore entities map: http://offshoreleaks.icij.org/nodes/239918

Room 308, Two Grand Tower, 625 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, HK.
(Kandinsky & Partners Ltd, aka George Tupak, visionary shaman)
Facebook page
Google Plus
Unit 1906 Tower A, Regent Centre, 63 Wo Yi Hop Rd, Kwai Chung, HK
Business Registration Number 1278084
Example: maria-fortune-teller.com 
maria-clarividencia.com María Videncia Colombia
Spamming via metaffiliation.com
Registrant: Francois Bieber
112 bis rue houdan sceaux, 92330 FR
Tel: +33.149848515 ; Fax: +33.149848586
Kwanko SA
63 boulevard du maréchal Joffre
92340 Bourg-la-Reine FRANCE
Mediaweb-Intc Ltd
Address: Tassou Papadopoulou 6 /Flat/Office 22, Agios Dometios 2373 Nicosia, Cyprus
Business Registration #HE 293776
Business Registration #1278084 Astroline Limited

See also:
Unit 1906 Tower A, Regent Centre, 63 Wo Yi Hop Rd, Kwai Chung, HK
bentleyscpa.hk (Jerry Lam)
Services include formation of offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands and Belize.
Contact person: Fanny Lai
Sales Manager - Director Financial Planning Dept
Tel: +852 3426 4866
Fax: +852 31714003

Room 308, Two Grand Tower, 625 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Hong Kong
(George Tupak, visionary shaman)
***No Business Registration Number***
Kandin Sky Intc Ltd
Address: Andrea Panagidi 1, Flat 302, Egkomi, P.C. 2407, Nicosia, Cyprus
Business Registration #294376
See also:
(Jerry Lam, Fanny Lai, & Mr. Henry Sze Ho Lee; CPA, also Independent Non-Executive Director of Mingyuan Medicare Development Co Ltd)

Kandinsky & Partners Limited **New Address** : Tupakpsychic.com
Flat / Office B 9/F
Hua Chiao Commercial Centre
678 Nathan Road Mongkok, Kowloon, HK
***No Business Registration Number***
Office occupant unknown. Did Bentleys Team relocate?
Note: This is same address for Hightech Gilsonite & Hightech Holding Ltd
NOTE: If the above domains, company names and addresses don't match up, it's because they often change company info on their sites and I can't keep up with it all. Do your own research if you question the data. They also like to use gif/jpg images instead of cleartext/html to display company info, and robot txt files, so web crawlers don't pick it up, and site visitors can't copy it to their clipboard. But that's ok because I can see & type just fine. :)

Can I prove Jerry Lam of Bentleys is behind all of this? Not without looking at his books. I can only show 3 or 4 of his office addresses perfectly match the company addresses listed on multiple scam sites. Of course it's possible he's just handling those accounts for his clients, who prefer to remain anonymous. Not likely though. More likely he has no choice but to use a legal business address to maintain his psychic scam biz and comply with the law. What little "law" there might be in Hong Kong. Maybe the answer lies somewhere in the middle, and the whole truth has yet to be revealed.

Don't ask me how I know I have the right Dickson Lam, apart from it makes perfect sense. Because I don't want him to know what I know. I'm not done with my research, and I'd hate for the data to suddenly disappear. Frankly I'd much prefer to never think about the repulsive POS again, but every time I read another comment or complaint about more money he stole, more people he scared.... my blood boils over.

Company Number 07711456
Commerce House, 2nd Floor
6 London Street, Paddington | W2 1HR 

(this is a mail forwarding service address)

Jean-Michel Jacques Vigouroux
(aka Jacques Jean-Michel Vigouroux) Identity unconfirmed 
Maybe Georges Vigouroux knows who he is. (Just kidding ;) 
Buy me some wine and I'll tell you what I know... 
Brigitte Descacq Former Sales Manager Amedia Accountants and Auditors.

A few VGM Networks Ltd domains:

Spamming out phone #1-888-906-6717

Premium Registration Service
SafestWhois(TM) An IP Mirror service
Street 1: 9 Hongkong Street
Street 2: #01-01
Singapore 059652
Email: enforcement@safestwhois.com (bogus contact)
Tel 1: 65.62220105
Fax: 65.62220210
Alternate address:
47 Duxton Road, Singapore, 089511
Company Number 06758087
Commerce House, 2nd Floor
6 London Street, Paddington | W2 1HR

(this a mail forwarding service address)

Gilles Jean Adrien De Forges De Parny
facebook account ?
family history ? I could be wrong, but this man was born the same year as the HDM company director. 1954.

Salima Saadi : French chick, now working at easy-emprendedor.com
Olatokunbo Oluwayomi Gbolade - Secretary - Nigerian
(see also: Da Vinci Centrum Ltd & helene-voyance.net)

Possibly related websites:
Amedia Partners Cyprus
Amedia Offshore
Amedia Accountants & Auditors
Easy Entrepeneur
Commerce House, London
amediatel.com  Selling "Entrepreneur Phones" 3800 cities in 39 countries covered in the plan.
+44 (0) 207 419 5005
Amedia Ltd
(probably an alias, a faux company director)
H.D.M. Productions Ltd - Commerce House, 2nd Floor
6 London Street, Paddington | W2 1HR

(this is a mail forwarding service address)
Payforweb.com contact@payforweb.com
Payforweb.com complaints on scambook: Unauthorized Charges
Internet-pay.biz  (Hosted/managed by IP Mirror Pte Ltd)  "Asia's Online Brand Expert"
Paypernet.biz contact@paypernet.biz

Ken Matsuzi
Giant Dragon Inc.
13F, No. 7, Ln 6, Juang-Jing Rd
Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: +886-2-5552-9301
Fax: +886-2-2723-7171
Domains listing Giant Dragon Inc on their partner pages:

Ken Matsuzi
Larrson Marketing Limited
1001 Alexander House
35 Ebene Cybercity
Republic of Mauritius
Larrson-Marketing.com (domain registrant)
Registrant Contact:
Organization: www3 gabriella
Name: ken matsuzi
Street 1: 1-2-5 Minm-Azubi
Street 2: Mino-kyu
City: tokyo
Postal Code: 104-8332
Country: Japan

Ken Matsuzi
Cheng Bo Development Ltd : Quastisky Building, PO Box 4389, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands
Address related interactive map: offshoreleaks.icij.org/nodes/280547

Ken Matsuzi
www.infogab.net (Gabriella)
newsgab.biz (redirects to www.gabriella-clarividencia.com)
mb2-tell.com (redirects to www.alexis-astrologie.com)
mb4-tell.com (redirects to www.julia-clairvoyance.com)
mb5-tell.com (redirects to www.teresa-clarividencia.com)
mb6-tell.com (redirects to www.adele-numerologie.com)
mb8-tell.com (redirects to www.victoria-voyance.com)
mb9-tell.com (redirects to  www.victoria-voyance.com)

23/Floor, Wing Hing Commercial Building, 139 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, HK
See also:    
Avidsoft is an inventory tracking system, setup to help Hong Kong businessmen run their businesses across the border of HK-China. Avidsoft's Internet accounting software supports multiple currencies and allows users in multiple locations to collaborate on the same accounting book over the internet.
Avidsoft developer? François Piette

Other domains using the same HK address:

Spirit 2010 Ltd domains:
RSP: HostingPanama.com, sec@hostingpanama.com
Parkside House
41 Walsingham Road
UK – Enfield EN2 6EY
See also:  
Company formation specialists

Contact: DETTLING, Martin
Admin Email: esoter2000@gmail.com
26, Avenue de la Praille
1227 Carouge / Geneve, Switzerland
whois esoter2015.com: e-mail contact: info@verisign-grs.com
Infomaniak Entertainment
37 Greenhill Street, Stratford-Upon-Avon, CV37 6LE Warwickshire, UK
See also:
Incorporated Financial Accountants
r-may.com  Mona Louisa Voyance
YDCT Ltd, YDCT2000
YDCT2000, 2nd floor De Burgh House, Market Road, Essex Wickford, SS12 0BB England
Antoine Phillippe Milhaud
E-Investment LLP
Registrar: EURODNS S.A. Mail hosted by Infomaniak Network, Switzerland.
YDCT2000@c.ydct2000.com : Currently sending Maria Fortune Teller and similar site mail. Maria is another Mediaweb Ltd / Jerry Lam domain. YDCT Ltd heavily spams subscribers with scam, phishing and malware infected website ad links. Servers located in France.
Blue Butterfly SA Geneva, Switzerland (Antoine Milhaud photo - Image source)
Tupak-psychic.com a.k.a Kandinsky & Partners Ltd  is (or was) hosted on name servers (in Panama) run by superhosting-int.net, which was registered by Blue Butterfly SA. (Société Anonyme)
Milhaud registered domains:
Karen O'Hanlon
E-Investment LLP
The Winsland House II : 163 Penang Road, 02-03, Singapore 238463
Probably this woman --because the same name; Karen O'Hanlon, & AsiaCiti Trust head office address; 163 Penang Road, 02-03, Singapore 238463, was used to register numerous domains, such as:

Karen O'Hanlon

Asiaciti Trust has its foundations in chartered accountancy practices which date back to 1886.
Headquartered in Singapore, Asiaciti Trust has operations in Dubai, Hong Kong, the Cook Islands, Samoa, New Zealand, Nevis, Panama and Uruguay, and also offers services in the British Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Seychelles and elsewhere.
Registrant Name: Johan Tavard
Quelle surprise! Another French connection!
Registrant Organization: Hong Kong Profit Limited
***No Business Registration Number***
Registrant Street1: Unit 1010, 10/F, Miramar Tower
132 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Registrant Phone:+852.81917460
Admin Email: hk.profit.limited@gmail.com
voyance-par-tel.biz (redirects to: union-spirite.fr)

 HK Businesses listing address: Unit 1010, 10/F, Miramar Tower
132 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) Kowloon, Hong Kong
Asia Business Services
Offshore company formation
Asia Partners
Services: Accounting, bank accounts
Company Formation: Hong Kong, BVI, Samoa, Seychelles, Marshall Islands, China, WFOE China RO China JV

Johan Tavard
Founder & CEO at Hong Kong Profit Limited
Google Plus
Lives in Hua Hin Province de Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thaïland
Other Hong Kong Profit Ltd Domains:
information-piscine.com (Pool Construction)

Company: Johan Tavard NAAJ LLC
"My first company. Almost a million USD in profits"
Registration Number: 4471890 source
Address: 220 E. Delaware Ave, # 1002 Newark Delaware 19711 US
Phone: +1.3022612710
Fax: +1.3022617102 info source
NAAJ LLC was formed on 12-11-2007 in Delaware by CORPOMAX INC.
Why Delaware? 15 advantages
Other Johan Tayard Domains:
xrumerexpert.com (forum spambot software)
Registrant: NAAJ LLC 220 E. Delaware Ave, # 1002. Newark, Delaware 19711

**No business registration number**
Suite 5332
51 World Trade Center
PANAMA CITY Républica de Panama

source page
Zora Damus accro-web.com/reference/8
-PHOTO 2- source page
Admin Street1 : 45 rue sainte
Marseille FRANCE 13001
Admin Phone : +33.953728487
Unresolved Reported Damage $6,586.48

More Lemonnier registered domains:
Safeemailing.com - zora@safeemailing.com
1663 Sawtelle Blvd Suite 200
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Phone: (310) 478 5222
Fax: (310) 478 5111
Email: contactus@whiteunicorn.us

Mind you I'm not suggesting Mr. Laurent Lemonnier is tied to the Tara scam, or is in bed with the lawyers, accountants, and other fuckwits I've mentioned in this blog. But I did notice he's FRENCH, just like so many other french speaking individuals listed above and below.

WTC Panama offers a full service hotel, full service banking, temporary offices, post office, legal services, etc. I wonder how many accountants occupy this building on any given day.

Seems they also have an HSBC branch on site. Hrm. Didn't Jerry Lam of Bentleys CPA Co. audit HSBC at some point in his career? Yes he claims he did. And HSBC is also a commercial client of Simon Chang's Yacht club. Bentleys CPA Co is, or was, also a client, and/or contributor to the club, although it appears his company was recently removed from the club's client list. Odd how that damn HSBC Bank seems to pop up so often, when I'm investigating this psychic scam network. I'm sure it's just a weird coincidence.

HSBC Bank China Hong Kong London Beijing Shanghai Offshore Money Laundering Tax Evasion
HSBC Bank China Hong Kong London Beijing Shanghai Offshore Money Laundering Tax Evasion

Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=750_1380756128#sxlSwogB7PZDqsFe.99
HSBC Bank China Hong Kong London Beijing Shanghai Offshore Money Laundering Tax Evasion

Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=750_1380756128#sxlSwogB7PZDqsFe.99

Additional scam related data for Googlebot:

Dickson Lam / Head Web Ltd / Astroway Ltd domains:
astro-way.com  *more info soon
webblankpage.com was registered by Dickson Lam. Many of the domains I've listed, which now appear empty of content, pull (frame src=) their graphics from webblankpage.com.
Example: Karen O'Hanlon's altmarkcenter.net
What that means is any website displaying the above image is directly linked to Dickson Lam and the Tara scam. View page source in your browser to verify.
aboutastro.com : Active
jenna@aboutAstro.com - team@aboutAstro.com - administrator@aboutAstro.com
4 rue Charles Domercq 33130 Bègles, France
1 Route De Bordeaux, 33550 Le Tourne, France
Only significant because most of the Tara/Astroway scam sites use a page tracker script developed by Eulerian Technologies. Example: tara-clarividencia.com > Javascript source: src="http://eulerian.astro-way.com/ea.js"
52 bis rue Ramponeau
Paris France 75020
+33 1 84 16 64 54
Phone: +33.143665006
Guillaume Fougnies
4 rue Charles Domercq, Begles, Aquitaine, France 33130
+33556674198 fax: +33556674199
Société Générale
29, Blvd Haussmann
75009 Paris France
Crédit Agricole
304, Boulevard du President Wilson
33076 Bordeaux Cedex France
4 Rue Voltaire 33130 Bègles France

More scam related web links:
Astro Report
Gandi.net, 63-65 boulevard Massena
Paris +33.170377666
A4U - 41 Rue Professeur Calmette
BP 50145 - 33131 CENON CEDEX - FRANCE
Gonna keep a close eye on that Gandi dot net

Helpful Links:

SOCA National Crime Agency UK www.nationalcrimeagency.gov.uk
FinCEN Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, International
JFIU.gov.hk Joint Financial Intelligence Unit, Hong Kong
FSTB Hong Kong
PCAOB Public Company Accounting Oversight Board
FATF Financial Action Task Force
ICIJ International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
IC3 Report Internet Fraud, USA
US Inspector General (for investigating PO Boxes used for billing fraud, such as the Chicago area address Tara has used many times)
Image source (thanks and credit to the reader who shared the source)

If you'd like to contact the Real Tara, maybe the below info will help. Bear in mind I still lack proof I have the right Dickson Lam you Tara scam victims are looking for. And victims should perhaps be directing their grievances toward Jerry Lam of Bentleys, as well as Dickson Lam.

Millward Brown
30/F, 169 Electric Road, North Point
Hong Kong
Rupam Borthakur
Tel: +852 2877 8585
Fax: +852 2877 8765
Jennifer.Lam@fireflymb.com (Shanghai Office)

Firefly Millward Brown extra locations:
1906 Devon House, Taikoo Place
979 King’s Road
Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
Salina Cheng - Group Director and Head of Qualitative
Tel: +852 2280 3018
Fax: +852 2877 8765
See also: Dynamiclogic.com
Millward Brown Global CEO - Eileen Campbell
That said, you could ask these people if they've seen Tara hanging around the Hong Kong office lately. And maybe ask them if they're aware one of their Qualitative Research Executives and his scumbag pals have been terrorizing and robbing vulnerable people around the world for at least five years. And they haven't stopped yet. Rather they've greatly expanded their Evil Tara Offshore Empire.

Again, I *might* be wrong about this particular Dickson Lam.
And I'm still wondering who the hell that Lam Dickson, accounting officer at Fustec Co Ltd is.

Of course I welcome any of the people I've mentioned in this blog to comment or email me with more info about themselves and their involvement (or lack thereof) with this psychic scam shit. I'd be happy to hear their side of the story. But until that happens, I'll just keep digging away and filling in the blanks as I go...

Update: 8-8-13:
Astroway Ltd suddenly pulled their business registration number out of their ass and posted it on the TOU page. Just today. After 6 or 7 years (of ripping people off).
It's 1106393
I ran it through icris.cr.gov.hk registry check and they do have company records on file, but as curious as I am, I'm not about to pay $22 for the info. Certainly not to the Chinese Government.

Update: 3-8-14:

Remember, DO NOT INSTALL "Your Personal Psychic Tarot" - Tara Medium Clairvoyance 1.2, 1.3 - iPad / iPhone app, developed/distributed by Astroway Ltd. This so-called "company" is BOGUS. They have no official company website and provide no proper company info or legitimate business address. They are criminals who spam and emotionally/psychologically extort money from victims worldwide. They are guilty of billing fraud. They are almost certainly engaged in tax evasion and money laundering. Their software is probably spyware infected.

And you can forget complaining to Tara-medium's web host, Udomain, in the hope of shutting down the site. Astroway is one of Udomain's best customers.

Udomain address: Unit 1702, Sing Pao Building, 101 King's Road, North Point, HK
Same address used by:
Raymond T.Y Poon
Sales and Marketing Director
Rayda Corporation Limited
Company ID number: 1206119
Info source
Rayda Corporation Ltd listed address:
Suite 2912, Shell Tower, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Who else occupies this same office address in the Times Square building?
Why it's JERRY LAM again!, of Riverside Asia Partners Ltd. & founder of Bentleys C.P.A. Company Ltd., which uses the same business address as Astroway Ltd, aka Tara Medium.

Check out this map & Connect the dots....
Keep clicking the dots until the big picture appears.
Lawyers and Accountants Help Rich Manage Their Money
The story of Portcullis TrustNet
Update: 3-27-14:
I'm a busy man with an active life and bigger fish to fry, so I'm at least 3 to 13 years behind on this psychic scam biz. But I see some fool named "Frank" is posing as Tara's assistant, on Ripoffreport.com and Complaintsboard.com etc, defending their business rep and practices. So here's my message to "Frank" and company:

Care to tell us your last name Frank? Or should I say... François... ?
Or is it... Jean-Christophe Maire?
I just read this online complaint. The victim claims they called for a refund and spoke with one of Tara's french assistants, named "Jean". Based on the name and billing address provided, it appears they're referring to Jean-Christophe Maire.
Jean-Christophe Maire
Lives in Rambouillet France
Smokes pot
Likes auto racing
Has an ugly dog
Owns Atelier 109 Boutique
Facebook page
Owns SARL WORLD PEOPLE, a web design/development/advertising agency.
109 rue du Général de Gaulle 78120 Rambouillet FR (same address the Tara scam victim gave)
Tél. 01 30 88 72 46
He's also involved with Apple/Smartphone software development such as "LHoroscope".

So it appears Jean is another slimy tentacle of the giant predatory offshore squid known as Tara.
Jean-Christophe Maire related domains:
46 Rue d'Angiviller
BP38 78512 Rambouillet Cedex
Alt Info: Ravinet Isabelle Marie-Therese, 6, rue du Lac, 78120 Rambouillet
Pasquelina - World People
La Banque Postale - Paris France
Sara Freder
BP94 109 Rue du Général de Gaulle
78513 Rambouillet Cedex France
Fax : +33 1 30 88 85 41
105 Boulevard Haussmann, 75008 Paris 08, FR

I'm guessing his business partner (brother?) is Xavier Maire.
Family Photos & Vids http://www.famillemaire.com/index.asp

I'm disgusted you pukes are still in business. Almost 4 years after I began this post. I would probably have forgotten all about this bullshit long ago, except... when you assholes started poking around the web, trying to dig up dirt on me, seeking revenge, you made it quite personal.

The harder you work to mess me up, the harder I work to bring you down.

I really hope my blog is hurting your despicable scam business BAD.

Thanks everyone for the great comments. Please keep em coming. Fresh comments bump my blog up a notch on Google search results, which means you're helping protect others from being ripped off.

Stay smart and safe surfing!



  1. I wish I had known about this posting before I was suckered in. What can I say, the email was received as I was going through some big decisions and I clearly was not my usual diligent self...can anyone give me a phone number to follow up or at least give them some problems? JAL

    1. I got one of her emails and I notice the price has gone up!Trouble is there is enough plausible stuff in it ti keep you going. I got suckered into a similar scam years ago by a Marie Callas and i did lose hundreds of dollars. I haven't responded for years, but the letters keep coming and there are the same veiled threats about what will happen if you do not comply.

  2. boy am I glad I did a little google searching before I paid Tara money! Thank you for your site.
    Jenny from Ohio

  3. my question is how exactly do they know how to pin point someone when they are vulnerable? what computer technology are they using? it seems very accurate.

  4. i understand that people search for things like that when their vulnerable, but for me it happened so randomly. i am a spiritual kind of person, but the messages seem so accurate; so therefore i do believe that it could not have happened by accident since i am a spiritual believer. i know not to give up no money, to be honest i dont have the money to give up, so that made me laugh. they dont know the person they asking for money is flat broke. but how do these people device such a message and pin point people with them? is this that targeting technology i hear about? this is not the first i came across strange messages, i got the scam letters from the secret society, and every since then my life has actually changed. not they way they described or how the tara scam describes, but those message somehow influenced my life. strange and wierd. but true.

  5. I wish I had done more research before paying Tara for all of these rituals that claims to bring back the luck, love and money in my life. The lastest ritual that she claim that i desperately needed is the Active Thought......She had a vision that I was going to win $100,000 usd or 7 times that amount on december 2, 2010. . . If she performed this ritual for me, it will open doors to luck and many opportunities in the coming years. . . The whole time i keep thinking gosh....sounds great untill last night i was online looking her up and can't believe to find that she is a scam artist. :(

  6. i found this article kind of my mistake. i wasnt planning on ever paying "Tara", thank God. but i fell for the scam too, believing every word. At one point, i did actually think to myself, is it possible that "Tara" wrote these letters and emails specially for me? so i googled the beginning part of the URL http://www.tara-medium.com/relances.php? to see if there were any similar documents. it lead me here, and i will definitely be unsuscribing to receiving Tara's emails now that i know it is all a scam.

  7. I got her email, and thought it sounded pretty accurate, but I am no idiot when it comes to online scams, so I sent for a free reading from several differen't emails under several names, and got the exact same reading to all. Only a slight difference if i changed the star sign. It was funny because I made the name of one "reading" "Your a scammer" and when she asked for a question for the reading I wrote "Dear Tara, will you ever stop being a scammer?" And still, got the same reading, each special enough for 13 hours work, but all four recieved within two days. Nice one Tara from hongkong!

  8. Just like the St. Matthew's seed faith prayer by mail letters. I told them I wanted to get enligtened. They said to me, "You're enlightened. You're not at the mercy of fate. You're not at the mercy of the world." (Just send us you're money, sucker.)
    There is a new version to the book of Acts. Simon the sorceror turns and says to the apostle Peter, "To hell with you and your holy ghost sermon, because you thought the holy ghost could be used to con money of stupid people." (Peter laughs and says, "We did'nt think. We knew."
    There is a movie, 'The Haunted 1991' with sally kirkland. On the internet go to part 8, then go to the 2 minute and 54 second part and LISTEN. May they end up as such. (The crooks, that is). May God Damn their collective spirit to the Avichi Hell. Whatever it takes.

  9. Thank you all for helping me realize that this was all just a scam! I would have liked to believe that it was all real and that such a thing is actually possible, but nowadays greedy people like this make it hard to take anyones word as a sure thing. All I can say is do your research!!

  10. Thank god for sites like yours. I too have been plagued 2 to 3 times per month with emails each one slightly more worrying than the last - I am not having a great time at the moment but fortunately my circumstances would not allow me to pay for a reading so I have not subscribed but was considering it! The latest one said I had been surrounded by negative energy since the age of 7/8 and that a curse had been placed on my family but directed through me!! OMG I have never been a lucky person and almost cracked and gave in - just thought to google it and here I am! Cheers to you all - feeling much happier now that she/it did not make a mug out of me!

  11. Yes this a scam.Do not feel bad. We all know that Karma is real. So what goes around comes around.Take the good of the advice and make the best of it!:-)

  12. thank u so much for your research i was about to give them money. ive been scammed before by these tricksters

  13. oh I am so so so pleased I read this ,,,, i nearly gave credit card details :S

  14. There are no if's and's or maybe's about this so-called Tara Medium character. Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING you may receive from this operation is and out and out rip-off scam from a group of reprobates and charlatans who pray on those who may just happen to be at a vulnerable time in their life, and are desperate. The emails they send you all sound wonderful, and instill great hope, unfortunately, NONE of anything you read and/or receive from them (Tara-Medium) is true, or will probably ever come true. In some cases, that's actually a good thing considering the harmful or negative things they say are or will happen to you!

    Operations such as these should never go unreported to the authorities, and I encourage all whom have been negatively effected in some way to be sure to take the time to do that. To do nothing only adds fuel to their evil flames and encourages them to continue with what they are doing to people.

    It is especially in times like today when these evil doers, false prophets and charlatans come out of their hiding places to spread their evil seed to all and any who will listen and/or follow their advice and instructions. BEWARE!!

  15. Hi Admin, great job! We need more people like you. :)Thanks

  16. does anyone know how to stop these ghastly emails?
    tara medium has been inundating me with atleast three a week for the past 18 months and I am absolutely fed up with getting this threatening rubbish - have reported to the metropolitan police (useless waste of time) and also an email fraud investigation site in connection with the police - of course I regard Google partly to blame because they seem to actively help promote the scammer with their unethical ads and who can contact Google to make a complaint about Tara?
    I haven't paid Tara a penny but am still getting these nuisance emails - threatening and insulting as they are.
    can anyone advise how to stop tara scam?
    many thanks

  17. hi, just to say i too get her e mails, wot a laugh , but very true, every one at sometime has bad times,you do not need to pay others for help, its out there free!i myself am a medium, all my life, so i just knew tara ,was a con, the wording fit my life too, dont pay ,never to these awful scams ,wot u give out you get back!x

  18. Hi

    I have tried to unsubscribe...no unsubscribe button only a stupid something to click on if I do not wish to receive Tara Medium 'offers'.
    Hope this does not mean anything sinister.

    Next call with the Police AGAIN with the details of Lem Jackson.

  19. Hi Admin

    yes I did mean Lam Dickson - or something insulting comes easily to mind....
    so far so good haven't received another vile email.
    I don't open them by the way and neither have I coughed up a penny for that fraudster - but its bad enough seeing the one liner in the subject.
    One of them, a few weeks ago went something like..."well ****** (my christian name ommited)! have you learnt from your mistake?"


  20. Hi!

    So far so good - nothing from that Dickson creature since clicking on the 'if you no longer wish to receive our offers' tab.

    Hope I never hear again - by now would have got atleast another 2-3 spams.

    Best wishes

    1. you refer to him as creature, how do you mean?

  21. Well i signed up to tara about 2 yrs ago and still get emails to this day! so i thought id follow it up to see whether or not it was a scam, there was this one time tho she sent me an email with three numbers and told me i would recieved a win from the lottery basically so i put the irish lotto on with the three numbers she told me to put on did and in the same night i won 315 pound on the lotto it was weird so i gradually over time started to think it was actually a medium but when she started saying i could win a big jackpot to sort my financial problems out for good and all this other lot suspicions were aroused and i stumbled across this site i was halfly handing over my card details to some scamming cunt thanks for making this site

  22. Haha! Just received a free reading from "Tara" today and after staring at her pic, I had to google it, because yeah- her face is familiar. Which led me to this site & now I see it's a scam *acts surprised* LoL The "my celebrity clients credit me for their success but for confidentiality reasons, I can't name names" line made me giggle & roll my eyes. I accidentally typed in the wrong month of my birthday & ol' psychic "Tara" who "spent 13 hours" on my reading didn't even notice it. LoL

  23. Thank heavens for this blog. I got sucked in too! But no money will ever be headed "their?" way. So glad I did a google search. thanks again.

  24. I was 2, mind you I discovered that Tara wasn't Tara very recently, mind I didn't fall into the scam, watched 2 many Hustles

  25. I'm surprised i'm not pissed off with this group, someone really should scam the site, who agrees with me?

  26. hang on! if u all don't like her so much, why don't u get payback? haven't some of u actually been scammed

  27. My oldman told me as a child: "If it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is 99% of the time." We cant discriminate the other one percent due to the bombardment of our senses with "deals" on this silly internet. I am glad I found your site as well, thank you.

  28. I paid $15 and will never get it back!! I truly thought this was a real person. I paid on April 6, 2012 and the email told me that I'd receive "lucky numbers" so I could win a large jackpot. Tara said that she would get to work as soon as possible and let me know the numbers within 2 days. Well, 10 days passed, still didn't hear from her. I emailed her saying that I wanted my money back, but all I get is the same thing, it's like a robot on the other end...here's what the email said: Truthfully yours,

    I would like to thank you very much for your email that I have just received. I have to admit that the recent weeks have been really busy for me. Many people, just like you, came to me and asked for help. There’s only me and ….a computer to answer.

    Thus, it is really hard for me to respond to several requests at the same time.

    Being urged by certain cases of my clients, I had to make a difficult choice. I have decided to answer and treat the letters of those persons who have chosen my services and have ordered a Study.

    If you are a client, I will contact you.
    I skimmed through your email and, apparently, you are not on the list of my clients.
    I might be wrong but don’t worry, if it is the case, I will regain contact with you within the next days.
    As soon as I receive your request and your payment, I will give you a new email address. This address enables me to treat with priority the cases of all the persons in need of help.

    Therefore, you will be able to write to this new address. I can assure you that I will answer your mail as soon as possible.

    I would like to apologize for not being able to answer you today. Thank you for your understanding.

    I invite you to send me your request for Help.

    I will receive this request within a few minutes and I will be able to take care of you urgently.

    I send you my full support and friendship.

    Very best regards,

    Your devoted friend,

    1. I don't mean to laugh..but I got this same email! and I'm laughing because the email I sent her said "Dear Devoted Friend, SURPRISE! I am a REAL medium, and YOU are nothing but a discusting fraud. F*** you."..and she sent me this same email back! What a discusting human being this person is. Have you reported her????

  29. I responded to a free reading some years ago... then it was sarah freda supposedly in france... the same story over and over you are entering a period of luck etc...then the messages started last chance to improve your life..so many last chances lol...then came the name change to tara.. differnt name same stories except they are all last chances now so many last chances. its just simple profiling set out a set of circumstances and send to everyone many will think it sounds like my life..they must be psychic.. preying on cespair and gullibility.to me these letters are just humerouse a light spot in the day except for the fact that some do take the bait makes them dispicable or more the perperators dispicable

  30. you can't cheat an honest man, the first rule of the con,but this is very much an exception.

  31. so called tara the medium said to me i was to recieve a energised medallion to win the lottery for only 19 pounds it said if not satisfied by the medallion then i would get a full refund she also said how the shift in the astral plains was going to affect me now if she did have the power to energize the medallion why dosnt she energize it so she can win the lottery so she wont need to go ahead with the web site im so glad i didnt send any money to energize her pocket

  32. Hi, we've just got in touch with Bergerstrom

    ;) zanna

  33. I see you have read my comment

  34. By the way are any of u aware of Oomara?
    Were bringing all of 'Taras' scams down to himm again.
    Whose with me?
    ;) zanna

  35. I like your enthusiasm

  36. Contact me to help bring him down.
    thanks for any help.
    by the way i will be setting a trap 4 the beast.
    Zanna medium ;)

    1. Hi I was taken in due to losing my mum to cancer she dyed rite in front of e and I can't let go also my son has a rare form of tumor so life has been very trying I would not normally do things like this but was desperate as they hope for I expect I sent payment today of £6.65 and was due to sent two more payments in 30 and 60 days after reading this site I called bank canceled payments and had new card sent out I can't believed if been so stupid but I suppose its a cheep lesson I'm gutted really as now I will never trust any one and can't bring myself to go see any one now to speak to my mum or whom ever xx

    2. First, please allow me offer my prayers for you, your mom's soul, (may she rest in peace) and for your son's swift recovery. Second, I urge you to demand an immediate full refund from the Tara scammers, and of course never send them money again. Third, report these despicable scumbag scam artists to the authorities for internet fraud. Lastly, trust in God, and don't be hard on yourself. Any one of us can be deceived and ripped off during frightening, confusing & vulnerable times in our lives. No shame on you at all for that. ALL SHAME FALLS ON THEIR EVIL HEADS!!!

  37. and im also on facebook

  38. I've got a friend of a friend who told me of a MYSTICWEB. That could be a scam too

  39. trust me its not

  40. Thank you so much guys for this blog... !!! this really enlightens my mind.... I'm so lucky I did a google search....God bless everyone...!!! Let's just keep on praying...!!!

  41. Thanks mate, I'll keep that in mind

  42. Hi, I have been getting emails from Tara-medium for over a year now. I sent her 3 installments for a total of 19.99 last year. She said she would do a special ritual ceremony for me to ward off bad spirits which were causing me extreme bad luck. She also told me to do the same ritual with incense at home. I was going through very bad times at that moment and was very vulnerable. Some good things did change in my life in the months to come and I wanted to believe that she might have helped. But after reading all of these messages on your blog, and getting another email today from her, I am quite confident that their really is not a Tara as much as everyone would like their to be one, this Scam is really an evil tactic from believers of witchcraft and maybe Satan himself! The email I got today, said she was going to perform a ritual with her Special White Magic from an old Secret Ancient Book. I will keep my trust in God and Jesus and unsubscribe from these emails today!

  43. Im from the uk and stupidly have fallen for the scam! I have already emailed asking for my money to be refunded. just wondered if anyone knew who I should contact in regards to it?

  44. I simply replied to one of the ads asking for a refund and they sent it.

  45. Hey I just find out about this page about Tara. I am screw. I paid her. I fallen for her scam. When she send me an e-mail and end of the letter she has and e-mail if I have any question regarding my orders. I click it nothing pop up. So, I have to reply to the same e-mail letter she e-mail to me. I fell shock and stupid. I thought that I have a friend that can really understand and help me. Now I feel my life is even worst than I thought UURRGH!!!! Stupid stupid....

  46. I am in Australia and have been receiving the same emails from Tara as the rest of you. She originally started asking for $79 but over the past 4 months it has slowly whittled down to $9.95. I have tried emailing Tara directly but only received the same email as mentioned before (generic and false). At first I felt drawn in but once I received the email from Tara saying she had to go to India to cast magical spells just for me on top of some mountain during the course of a rare planetary alignment that only occurs every 30 years, and she wasn't asking for money to help her get there only a small donation of $29 for the orphanage she would be visiting..... I thought -this is one sick scam artist. If you google deep enough you will find other alias' Tara goes by (Gabriella Psychic etc). The contact details for Gabriella are Giant Dragon Inc.
    13F, No. 7, Ln 6, Juang-Jing Rd
    Taipei, Taiwan
    Tel: +886-2-5552-9301
    Fax: +886-2-2723-7171
    Tara Medium The website www.tara-medium.com belongs to Administrative Contact:
    Company: ASTROWAY Ltd
    Name: LAM Dickson
    Address: Unit 2605 Island Place Tower, 510 Kings Road, North Point
    City: Hong Kong
    Country: HONG KONG
    Postal Code: 0000
    Phone: +852 2739 8022
    and is marketed and operated by:
    Astra Way Ltd
    Nikou Pantelide 8,falt/office 103,P.C.2045, Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus
    Business Registration #HE 294071
    Gabriella Psychic offers hotlines to deal with billing issues only.
    Customer Care for billing issues and says:-
    Please, visit: www.payforweb.com
    USA (toll free- in English): 1-888-895-2507
    Canada (toll free - in English): 1-877-571-1089
    Canada (toll free - in French) : 1-877-821-6032
    Australia (local call - in English): 61-3-8652-1471
    South Africa (local call- in English): 27-21-3002819
    New Zealand (local call- in English): 64-4-280-7495
    The Hotline only answers questions regarding billing issues.
    Images and voices of both Tara and Gabriella are used across multiple sites world wide. I wonder if the women actually know this??

  47. Thanks for this wonderful site! It helps a lot of vulnerable people who fall prey to these scamsters in their times of despair. I was saved by your educating website and have decided to solve my own problems head-on!

  48. I believe that tara-medium is real. I am going to give her a chance. She does refund your money back if you are not satisfied. Maybe tara-medium.com and urgent@tara-medium are two different people.

  49. "Maybe tara-medium.com and urgent@tara-medium are two different people." ???


    urgent@tara-medium.com is just another email account created by the same scammers sending spam from tara@tara-medium.com ... and other similar email addresses & websites.

    Just as a leopard cannot change its spots, Tara-medium.com cannot hide behind the new email addresses they create. Do not be deceived. The previous comment was probably placed by Tara scammers to trick gullible readers.

    Read: http://www.scambook.com/report/view/176043/Tara-Medium-Email-UrgentTara-Mediumcom-Complaint-176043-for-$60.00

  50. Hi , I to have just fallen for the Tara scam, like a fool I believed what she e mailed me, saying that I would be coming into money after 12/12/12 as my life was going to change for the better after this date,,, have sent e mail to her asking for money back and wrote to her asking how can she sleep at night, and you reap what you sow , wish I saw your e-mails first. Have warned others and will carry on doing so. Why oh why had nothing been done about it yet,

  51. than you for telling my this am at the process

  52. In fact, I am the most happiest person of all, I have not fallen for her, she also told me too about something big and huge amount of money coming my way and how my life will change completely on 12-12-12. I don't respond to her emails and will never do because I got to know that she exist and she is a woman and a con who uses the power of witchcraft to know what one has gone through in life and what is about to come ones way and then the endless mails starts coming. She makes one to believe that there is someone somewhere who is charging a negative energy towards you and that is why you are having bad luck. She once sent one with the heading "you are playing with fire" which is a complete threat and it appeared in my spam message which means that same message was sent to a lot of people. I read her message to see how foolish and wicked she is to toy with the life of poor people she is ripping off of their liitle hard earned money all in the name of helping them. I pray God in his mercies to forgive her and let her realise what she is doing. I believe she is the negative energy doing all the negative things. To everyone she has succeeded in ripping off, God will reimburse you back and I advise that you all take your problems to God almighty who is the creator of heaven and earth and everything that is on earth, God is the only answer to our problems. Tara is satanic, hand her over to God. One day is for thief another day is for the owner.

    1. hey guys i am from south africa, omw tara tara sure does travel everywhere i was always two minded about all of this but also very vulnerable so replied to the emails waiting to see what other emails ill get until i started to receive emails from maria lol, it was funny actually coz they look very similar, but stil had that little faith that it could be real, so i decided to google as i am from south africa an they wanting dollars etc, much to my suprise im glad i googled 1st as i received exactely the same emails as u guy..... much much thanks guy- aint falling fir stupid scams, i believe GOD Almighty will help me...

  53. G'day all,

    I'm an Aussie and have Googled around to see what comes up about this Tara Clairvoyant/Medium, under "scam" of course, then finally got to this blog and topic and couldn't believe how long this topic has been going.
    This mob have gotta be good if they're still operating after all this time and all the scam reports about them and ongoing investigations!
    I am a Readers Digest subscriber ($3 a month for a good read isn't bad) ... well this mob is getting even more imaginative with their advertising efforts because they now use RD, which has a mega-huge subscriber base, to find suckers to con money from so obviously no one has come close to finding or shutting them down yet although I wish it were the case.
    Get This: RD send a daily email with a code to enter into a free comp called "Countdown2Cash" ($5K prize money so you enter right? .. obviously)and when you get to the "Thanks For Your Entry" page there is another one of those ads you see everywhere "Win An Apple iPad, iPhone and Apple Mac PC"
    For the first time ever I click the enter button which takes you through a series of questions then a list of subscriptions you may want to join. So I click a few, thinking I can always "Unsubscribe" later, and one happened to be a Free Reading By A Clairvoyant/Medium, so I think why not it's free! (actually I clicked 2 just for a bit of fun) and "You Guessed It" one was 'Tara' and the other was 'Maria' and I smirked when I realised "just one name" and pretty similar as well ... long story short ... Maria offered a Free set of lucky numbers, and Tara offered a Free reading (all done over the internet mind you :-)), so I went along with it and got 2 emails ... Maria said I've got your numbers ready, Go Here and Tara said I've got your free reading ready Go Here.
    Clicked both links: Maria had the numbers at the top of the page but at the bottom was a button with the words "I Am Requesting Now My Complete Number Study" which you had to pay $89 for to find out when, when not and how to use the 'Lucky Numbers' ... Scam Light Went On!! ... needless to say I didn't do it!
    Taras page had, now knowing my star sign and date of birth, written "Based on these factors, I will now transmit my initial conclusions to you:" which outlined topics of 'Love', 'Health', 'Luck' etc etc then bottom of page was (Yep You Guessed It!) a button with this on it: "I Claim My Astral Reading Of Luck and Money" ... Scam Light Again!! ... but to my surprise 'no money asked' for this complete free reading which would be emailed to me, but I was guessing she/they/it would eventually be asking for cash ... sent that today and waiting for an email, will let you know how that goes.
    After reading the comments on this blog over the last couple of years I pretty much know what's coming.
    My son is a lawyer and I will be asking him about how to do something about these scammers when I see him next and let you know about that as well!
    My Point Though Is: This Asian based syndicate of scammers (could be 2, could be 200, with the imaginative and elaborate advertising and the graphically well designed multiple websites, who knows) have kept ahead of investigations and/or authorities for a long time now.
    Usually if there is no "Unsubscribe" links in scam/spam emails that I get (and I get a stack of different types weekly) I simply click "REPLY" and write 4 words in large bold red upper case letters "PISS OFF YOU MORONS!!" and click "SEND" and if I get 'Mail Returned' or 'Another Email' I simply 'junk it' and 'delete it' ... not much more you can do except not read it and forget about it... but sheezsh, don't give em any money!!

  54. in may experience i have to say the behaviour has been extremely correct!
    i has payed for a job aro 350 euro, i was not satisfied i claimend for money refounf and after 3 days i got my money back.


  55. By the way, people, stop calling Tara a "she"... the photo comes from a model profile where you can buy photos for websites really cheap...
    The real face of "Tara" would be Lam Dickson's...

  56. The involvement of Lam Dickson can be checked by investigating with Whois the site www.tara-clarividencia.com. The results are the following:

    (by the way, if you want to check for yourself:

    Registrar: Eurodns S.A.

    Company: Head Web Ltd.
    Name: LAM Dickson
    Address: Unit 1101 Sai Wan Ho Plaza, 68 Shaukeiwan Road
    City: Hong Kong
    Country: HONG KONG
    Postal Code: 0000
    Phone: +85297820438

    The informations were provided by André Descharth in his blog:

    Digging a little deeper about Head Web Ltd., one can see it's related to several other sites, most of which promise free money through the internet, some of them are about free membership in porn sites.

    Bear in mind, that's only the part of the scam in Portuguese, I have not checked your side. Probabily there are lots more to hear about it. It makes me sad that Lam is an English college professor and a writer as well.

    I merely translated the information that I tought would be of interest. The real author is André Descharth. (That's why I remain anonymous).


    1. That is the WRONG Dickson Lam. The Tara scammer is NOT that english professor. André Descharth's blog is incorrect.

  57. Hello everyone!
    Thank you for posting this blog, and all of the links for taking action against this kind of thing. A few weeks ago, I was surfing the web, and came across the free reading within 48 hours offer, and thought hmm, interesting- so i put in my info, and clicked submit. It wasn't long before I got the first email from her, which of course made outrageous claims... The following emails, were a direct attempt to get me riled up with her sensationalist claims of "bad luck" "someone using dark magic against me" etc. She claimed to have used a "secret esoteric procedure" that verified her feelings on this matter about me.(I rolled laughing at that part, by the way LOL) Well, what "tara" doesn't know, is that I did my own secret esoteric procedure that verified she was FULL OF CRAP. :P :P :P
    Yesterday was the last straw for me and the Tara emails- so I posted on facebook about it. In one of the groups that I shared my writing (or rant I should say lol) with, a friend linked me up to this blog.
    Now, I may not be as psychic as "tara" claims to be- but I was bestowed with the gift of sniffing out bullsh*t when I see it (and that I'm in complete control of my life/spirituality, and am legitimately intuitive). Definitely going to be taking the measures suggested to bring these phoneys down- i HATE when the downtrodden are taken advantage of- a REAL intuitive, psychic, adviser who genuinely cares about you and your success, will NEVER charge you for their advice.
    Thank you!

    1. I was about to commit to the reading, but when i see a form where you have to fill-out your personal details, including your credit-card details, i become suspicious and start a search for the authenticity of a business. There is also another supposed medium called "TUPAK". I unsubcribed him off my email account. Blocked the parasites. I had my own psychic reading and it told me to
      tell Tara to Fuck-off.l-o-l..

  58. Just one question: How did/do you get your money back ? What is to do ? Thanks.

  59. MYSTICWEB is a company which we have created too scam Tara Medium, hopefully with this we will be able to meet up with him and do a deal, which of course will be a big phat con.

    Contact me at zannaxtra@yahoo.com if you a part in the downfall of Tara Medium
    Kind Regards

  60. Hey really Appreciate all these info about this scam. DAmn I was about to commit and start a payment
    to the reading. But I had a notion this had to be some sort of scam. There was also 1 other supposed
    medium that I accidentally subscribed to, and he was called "TUPAK". I booted him out of my email account. Then this Tara. The stuff i read was too
    freaky and sounded plausible. Thanks again..

  61. I did my own psychic reading..and i saw
    "B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T" ....

    She isn't the only 1, there is also another by the name of "TUPAK"

  62. I foolishly fell for this scam and paid 39$ for it.
    I emailed and asked for a refund soon after I found out on Google it was a scam.

    Sadly the so called reading really seemed to match how things have been, so I thought it may have been real. I should have known better. -.-

    I am glad I found this site and read over everything, in future I will know better, even inn tough times.

  63. Hi,I was stupid and paied them $ 69 dollars but now I know the thruth about who Tara Midium is . I only did it because I went to about 3 other Astral readers.And compered all of them about of waht they were saying about certen things about a furtune coming my way."I can tell you she is no working alone" This the Astral readers :Jeanna,Emma,Victoria,and Tara.But Tara told somthings that jeanna told me she said: You will meet someone in your transit.But then Tara told me later I know you going to meet some during your transit.How Tara Knew this!the only exponation of this is that there is a (network) Now is too late,for me but not you!beware of the bultures...........

  64. I was targeted back in 2010 and tara or whoever that is was telling me what they have been telling everyone else how I will have money coming my way though at the time I didn't have any money to send so I actually thought I was missing out on something big. Now today I was trying to look Tara up to see what's good thought before I got to her site I see this and I'm glad that I didn't give them any money:)I'm actually glad I was broke at the time. I kind of had a feeling they were fake anyway cause if ur promising people that you could bring them money why are u asking for money and I tried to email Tara and the way she emailed me back was like she didn't even know who I was I'm so glad I seen this site. Thanks

    1. And I know its taking time though I hope u BRING THEM DOWN!!!

  65. KUDOS on your excellent research. Normally I'm vy. sharp, and don't fall pry to things of this sort, but do believe in those that have a "gift" shall we say? Knowing full well that the vague statements could fit most people as well as myself, I did purchase some readings, as well as returned some for the as promised $ back guarantee(which I did receive.

    I still read the emails, and feel tempted, though recently I noticed that it seems they're coming on a rotational basis as well as the form letter. This morning when I clicked on a link to check the price, and see how much it was reduced, the last page wasn't there. Then I checked the Tara Homepage..and that's blank as well.

    It would appear they've shut down..for now anyway, in this incarnation.

    1. Strange...when I click on links within the email sent to me (on the final page in which to pay) it's totally blank. As is the Tara homepage when I click on any service.

      Sometimes the homepage will show with the female face, but click upon any link, and it goes blank. Everything else on my computer & websites work perfectly...odd. It will be interesting to see if I get anymore offers coming through. Thanks for your warnings, and I'm glad I stumbled across your blog.

  66. I love that I have found this site this crap is just so unreal and these people will get what's coming to them All things come to an end

  67. Awesome work. Would one of the Australia current affairs programs follow this up with you and cameras to alert more people form being sucked in?? I was feeling a bit threatened by the emails of late, but no more. Thank you so much.

  68. Thank you for exposing this alligator.I was about to apply for an International Debit card so I could start paying for her services.Luck only comes from the Almighty !!!!!!

  69. I just got the experience with www.adele-numerologie.com. ( part of a french connection "purevoyange") it only costed me 30 euro which I payed cash to a postbox bergen op zoom holland, it never arrived they say, to do my full clairvoyante reading, result day,s of frustrations. I was in a bad state and liking astro. numerologie etc i search for some answers,, they felt spot on in all issues.. then i got mails every day to call etc etc.. never got connected to the Adele fake voyante scam. all mails that i send where returned by postmaster as not delivered. now i found this blog soo i hope i can partake in showing the scam by experience

    1. Sorry to hear you were deceived and taken advantage of. Adele is another scam site run by VGM Networks Ltd, Commerce House in London, which I suspect is part of Amedia Partners Cyprus & Amedia Offshore. Unfortunately I can't prove that yet, but I'm working to get more info. Please check back for updates.

  70. thanks for your great site and hard work!!! tara conned me $40 and was taking 6.60 a month out of my bank without me knowing as I was stupid for paying online credit card loll , I was 21 yrs old then and thought she was real until I felt that her reading weren't helping me most the time, just a lot of guessing games and had me worried but once I realised she was taking money without me knowing, lucky it wasn't a lot of $$$ but still tara medium is very sneaky and she/they better be careful....

  71. My partner had been using it I emailed him/her an abused it haha Fukien scam artiststs

  72. Just had an email saying I am the last of 12 people she has predicted winning lottery results for!! Pull the other one.....She kept repeating My name in her email, obviously to entice me into thinking she was genuine. I believe this to be a scam. There is a saying 'if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is' !! DELETING EMAILS WITHOUT READING FROM NOW ON!!

  73. I'm starting to realise that this Tara Medium is scam. In 2010, I needed help and I found this and she gave out a reading saying I'm going to get lucky on the 12th June and then the luck did not come. I did not know better until these people started sending readings again and taking money from me. I then realise that these group of people are not good so I decided to ignore them. The only thing correct about the reading was the numerology 10-10-10 (the 10th of October 2010) that I was going to recieve money. I checked my bank account and my money came because I was homeless for 3-6 months. The rest is just scam. Ignore Tara (these criminals)

  74. I had the laugh of my life reading these comments. I got sucked into it too at a very depressing time of my life. I was desperate and felt like God was taking too long to fix things so I sought her out and took every word she said to heart. I was so broke that I couldn't even afford the package when she lowered the price to $69. Each letter she sent got more and more unnerving and urgent and I was so bloody anxious about this 'evil presence' that I couldn't even sleep at night. But eventually when I got the money, I tried using my friend's credit card and the payment never went through!!! At first I thought that this 'evil energy' forreal didn't want my life to get better, but after doing some research, I finally realize that God Himself was protecting me against these dutty con artists.

    I gotta hand it to them though. This is a brilliant, genius scam. Only people with the sickest of spirits would ever think of pulling this off. It's so diabolical... preying upon innocent, suffering people who truly need guidance and exploiting their desperation... sick. Lam Dickson, you'll get what's coming to you. If not in this life, then the next.

    1. Kiki, Laughter is good, as is faith in God's protection, but there's nothing funny about deceiving and terrorizing emotionally vulnerable or mentally ill people for profit. Which is why I won't stop until I've exposed and squashed every last filthy cockroach involved with this scam.

      These scumbag predators and parasites can take that promise to the Swiss bank and cash it.

  75. Yes I too was getting emails from Tara fukin lam but she didn't get a cent from me!
    Hope they get this scanner!

  76. I was trying to watch a blocked TV show, but had to fill out a survey to stream the show. This is how I came upon Tara- whose free reading seemed very accurate (yep, the "evil is around you" stuff was in there too). Some of it made me mad. I'm spiritual and very in tune with the Universal Mind, power of manifestation, laws of attraction, all that. The e-mail made me sound like some helpless person who knows nothing of spirituality. Now, I believed it at first a little bit because I had a LEGIT face-to-face psychic make the SAME predictions a month ago...

    But then I got suspicious- why do I need to answer any questions about myself when she supposedly knows so much about me already? Anyway, I was considering subscribing for a reading. But as I was filling out the form, I heard a clear voice in my head say "Google 'Tara Medium Scam'."

    So I did, and I was led to this awesome site. So thanks for running it! Oh, and thank you God for imbuing me with some legit psychic abilities!

  77. I would like to thank you for the time and effort you put in to display the fraud that is going on here. I too am getting her emails. Fortunately, I am deleting them as I feel that if something fantastic is going to come into my life then it will be by "Gods" hands only. Not some so called psychic. As for how they can so accurately seem to hit someones specific trouble or problem at the time is easy. This world is so full of poverty and immorality that most everyone has some issues that need to be resolved. So, they take and prey on the most prevelant one. MONEY!!! Only problem is it's like reverse psychology - instead of you getting rich, THEY ARE!!! Again, thank you for your research and caring to help all those out there who may be enticed to help out these criminals. May God bless you.

  78. look at this new link http://tara-dev.com

  79. Getting 403 error.
    Escap Nicolas
    tara-dev.com, office #5940693
    c/o OwO, BP80157
    59053, Roubaix Cedex 1

    No surprise, another French connection.

  80. This scam has literally scared the crap out of me when I saw it in my emails, first I ignored it but the it just started to give me money. I started to look up tonight and found out that its the biggest scam on internet.
    I can't believe it and I'm actually a REAL gifted physic/fortune teller, it's like ruining all the other gifted physics out there and most people won't charge a cent for it!
    thank you for posting this. I've report this to Google. :-)

  81. tirage-tarot.info: Another French scam site, trying to comment spam this blog. Domain registrant hiding behind Panama (offshore) based privacy service. To them I say; Va te faire foutre! Fuck Off!

  82. Hi
    How do you stop the spyware and other things?

    1. Sorry but you'll have to be much more specific. Did you download or install any Tara Medium or Astroway Ltd or Astra Way Ltd software apps or products?

  83. Dearest Tara,
    I was a virgin to your emails. Oh i feel so dirty now. I thought you loved me. You seemed to know so much about who i am deep down. Why...WHY! Why Tara, how can i go on..i was in a pit of despair until i found your email. I thought my world had finally been acknowledged, that this pain i suffer would finally be over..if i just paid you $19.95AUD.
    Well Tara, you brought a light into my world. Good thing i was broke when i met you or i would be feeling a damn bit worse. Oh for the fleeting dream of that big lotto win, even though i dont play lotto cos im too broke from buying chips for my online bingo fetish..and that dark negative influence in my life could really just be my groing resentment for my ex boyfriend and his stinky feet who are staying in my spare room at the moment. Hang on...Tara, if i gave u the $19.95 when i get paid later on in the week.....shit girl, cheapest hitman around!.
    Farewell Tara. Do not contact me again. Your words caress my soul but i can not listen to you no more.
    Love from the girl down under

  84. ATTENTION TARA SCAM VICTIMS: I NEED MORE BILLING INFO. Names & business addresses of billing companies, agencies, any websites used to handle payment or refunds, billing contact names, company numbers etc. None of your personal info! Do not post your real name, home address, bank or CC info etc. Just info related to Tara and how they handle billing, and how much money you paid etc. Give me all you got. Thanks


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