Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Astrology SCAM! Tara Medium: Offshore Empire Exposed

Update: July 4th 2014:

This article's content, along with new information I've obtained, is being reorganized and relocated to a new blog, setup specifically to combat online psychic fraud. The data I've gathered will also be sent to various law enforcement agencies around the world for examination.

The people behind this large international psychic/astrology scam ring are nothing short of terrorists in my opinion. Despicable extortionists who use dirty deceptive mind games and scare tactics to inflict great emotional distress upon their victims for financial gain. It's high time they were exposed and investigated. They are a malignant cancer to my country and the entire world. A virulent disease which must be eradicated.

I've been toying with Tara far too long, playing the same mind games she plays, believing eventually these scam domains would disappear once exposed. Obviously I was wrong. These thieves have no intention of throwing away their fat cash cow. Instead they now hide behind more lies, legalese, and lawyers.

It's time to take off the kid gloves and impose stronger measures to protect the public. Join me in my fight.
If you've been ripped off, first demand a full refund, then report the websites to police for unethical, deceptive business practices, or billing fraud. Don't let these crooks con or scare you into silence or submission! Also voice your complaints on sites like Ripoffreport & Complaintsboard.com
The more bad publicity they get, the less money they make and the less people get burned.

I personally, have not been ripped off by Tara, although the website did send me a lot of frightening, threatening emails once I'd subscribed. I've retained those alarming messages to help build my case against these soulless shysters, as well as saved copies of their hidden web pages.

I haven't personally profited in any way from battling Tara and company. There are no ads in this blog, and I haven't received one penny in donations for my investigative effort, which has certainly been a considerably time-consuming and mentally draining endeavor. My only dog in this fight is protecting gullible consumers and defending my country from what I perceive to be a very deliberate, well-orchestrated attack on US citizens and our economy.

The day will come when these con artists are clearly identified and revealed in the media spotlight. This particular astrology scam network is much larger than most people realize, and some pretty powerful players and companies are involved. It's not just one or two scam sites they're operating, but rather hundreds, if not thousands, all over the globe. It is large scale fraud, which likely involves money laundering, tax evasion and more. It's entirely plausible the money these crooks take in, is being used for truly diabolical purposes, not just lining their pockets.

My advice?
Do NOT send Tara medium money, unless maybe you like throwing your hard-earned money down the toilet, and making foreign fraudsters wealthy at the expense of your personal and financial well-being.
Do NOT install software apps distributed by Astroway Ltd. or download PDF files from disreputable websites. There is a substantial malware risk involved.

Trust in yourselves and God, not in liars, thieves and charlatans like the ones running the Tara Medium scam and similar Astrology domains.

Do a lot of research before sending money to complete strangers, especially foreigners (French & Chinese) like Tara, Sara Freder, Tupak, et al.. The Tara scammers target the USA far more than any other country and I, as an American, am outraged by that.

One other thing. Blogger has so many major bugs and flaws, I'm switching to a better blog platform.
That is all for now.
Stay smart and safe surfing!
God Bless


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US Inspector General (for investigating PO Boxes used for billing fraud, such as the Chicago area address Tara has used many times) P.O. Box 988 - Streamwood, IL 60107