Friday, May 6, 2011

Some butthole spammer working craigslist sent me a link to this scam site today. I found it amusing so I thought I'd toss it on the pile.

According to Donald Williams, a do-it-yourself specialist, "you can build your own Free Eco Power generator. This perpetual motion device uses magnets in order to generate massive amounts of electrical energy that can then be used in your home as a source of power. Once fully installed and operational, the device will eliminate your power bills once and for all."

WOW! My very own magnetic perpetual motion device, that not only never runs out of energy, it PRODUCES massive amounts of electricity as well! And not only that, it's child safe!

So how much will it cost me to build an "Eco Power Generator" with a broccoli wall plug, Donald?

According to the website, less than $150 in parts, plus of course the cost of the "Eco Power Kit" Donald is selling, which is regularly $197 (but now on discount).

Incredible. The brightest physicists and mechanical engineers of the world haven't been able to build a perpetual motion machine, let alone one that also generates enough electricity to power your entire home, but somehow "free energy enthusiast" Donald Williams has figured it out by himself, and is willing to share that revolutionary knowledge with us for less than 200 bucks.

And yes, he accepts most major credit cards.