Saturday, May 26, 2012

Personal Driver 419 Scam - Craigslist

Job Seekers.

I've received a number of emails from foreign "businessmen"  and "professionals" claiming to need a personal driver during their visit to the USA. Usually they want me to meet them up at the airport, and they say they'll pay for the vehicle or rental car. In exchange for my personal driver services, they're offering the kind of money only strippers and lawyers make.

This is common advance-payment / overpayment scam.
Basically works like this:

1. You agree to be their driver and give them your name & address.

2. They quickly mail you a bogus check. It'll probably be a cashiers check for several thousand dollars.

3. Once you've deposited the check in your account, the scammers say they accidentally overpaid you, or their plans changed and they no longer require your services, but they want their money back. They want you to wire either a portion or the full sum of the fake check back to them or to someone else, for whatever bullshit reason they give. They might also threaten you with a lawsuit or say they'll call the cops if you don't immediately wire the cash.

4. You wire the money (western union, moneygram) to the requested recipient.

5. The phony check they sent eventually bounces and you're left holding the bag. Whatever money you sent is gone forever, your bank will hold you liable, and you might face criminal charges or be investigated for check fraud.

These predators might also try to get your banking info and password, to directly e-deposit the money instead of mail a paper check. Then steal every last penny in your bank account, and probably steal your identity as well, and make all kinds of expensive purchases in your name.
If you gave them your name and Social Security number, it might already be too late.

The most recent scam mail of this kind came from "Kevin Stark"

"Dear Applicant,
How are you doing today? Thanks for responding back. I am Kevin and
I am based in England and i am a business man and will be coming to
the United States for a business trip,and my stay will last for 10 days
(June 3th to June 12th), I need a personal driver who will drive me to
and from my destination during this 10days. I will provide the vehicle
and Gas which will be used for this purpose. My conditions are as follows:

1: Applicants must possess a valid drivers license
2: Applicants must be good and careful driver
3: You Must dress well/ No dress code
4: Salary is $400 daily
5: Willing to work 5 days of the week from M - F (8am-4pm)...Holiday's
6:Your Full name:
Address : ( no po box) only street address
City , State,  Zip code :
Your phone number: (Cell and Home)

You can reach me directly on my cell any time ( +447045764619 ) but I will appreciate your swift response in replying back as soon as possible so i can be sure you want the job and can let you know my travel Itinerary.

Kevin Stark."

More recent emails sent from:
"Sarah Bell" -
"A 2008 Honda Accord car will be provided for you to drive ... I'll be sending a Certified Check and it will be delivered to you via FedEx Courier Service"... bla bla blahh...