Friday, December 28, 2012

Housing - Rental Scam

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My ongoing search for suitable housing has been a nightmare to say the least, and I've encountered numerous liars and crooks along the way... mostly found through Craigslist. Here's a typical example of how the thieves operate:

Messages sent from:

FRED: Thank you for your prompt response, I will like to inform you that the house mine,we just have a new job in Oregon where we are presently now...I and my wife wanted to sell the house before leaving, but we decided  to let it out for rent.Our home is available for 5 years, how many month do you wish to rent our home? pls let me know asap if you will love to live in our home. Regard. Fred Hammond

Hello, I need a home to rent for 1 year. How much are you asking?

Friday, December 21, 2012 Hacked?

This is only a preliminary warning. I don't have the time to investigate further.

It appears the website was attacked.

This morning I spotted evidence of tampering on these pages:


Examining page source revealed malicious code:
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Where we will do is definitely of being accepted your eligibility.....


The code included links to the following sites:

The above Phishing sites offer easy payday loans as bait. Do not visit them as they may also contain malware. All of them appear to be hosted by