Friday, February 21, 2014

Court Appearance Scam

Anyone else getting these annoying "court appearance" scam mails?
I've received 2 so far in the past week.

From: "Alaska Appellate Court"

Letter of acknowledgement
Hereby you are advised that we have received your complaint with enclosures dated 01/29/14. Shortly after we receive your complaint confirmation we will initiate a trial. You are not actually
required to attend the court proceeding, the results will be sent to you in a letter without delay.
Please confirm your complaint here otherwise the claim is cancelled.
Court secretary
Notice to Appear

Court hearing notice,
As a defendant you have been scheduled to attend the hearing in the Court of New York.
Hearing date: 18 February 2014
Hearing time: 10:00 a.m.
Hearing subject: illegal use of software
Prior to the court thoroughly study the plaint note
in the attachment to this mail.
Court agent,
Maria Smith

The "plaint note" attached to the second message was malware infected. Possibly "scareware" or a keylogger. domain registrant is hiding behind Shanghai China-based privacy protection service (, so no info on these crooks yet. Be careful not to open or download such infected attachments. Don't visit the websites sending the emails either, as you might be attacked. Host
Name Server:
Name Server:
Castle Access Inc, San Diego CA

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"Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell warns of an email scam that instructs recipients to appear in court. The fraudulent email with the subject line "Notice of Appearance in Court" is purportedly sent from a “court clerk” instructing recipients to appear for “illegal software usage.”

1 comment:

  1. Notice of appearance,

    Compulsory attendance. You may have the services of a lawyer, if necessary.
    Failure to appear may result in the imposition of sanctions.
    More detailed information regarding the case can be found attached to this letter.

    Court agent,
    Maria Smith


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