Monday, September 21, 2015

Easy Rent Money Phishing Scam (530-636-2438)

Beware a Craigslist scammer using the aliases "Dennis Drake" and "Kelvin Drake".
This criminal clown offers free rent money to people who are desperate for housing or rent $.

In response to one of my craigslist 'seeking shelter' ads, I received the following idiotic email a few days ago:

"A short story about our team: As Mercy Corps "anonymous" worker, i Kelvin Drake deemed it fit to reach out to the people of the states who really need our helping hand, it is definitely impossible to do this alone so i decided to partner with some anonymous workers of USAA and American Insurance Group (AIG). The purpose of this anonymous team is to deliver humanitarian aid using new technologies. Take note, it is not on our company's consent we are doing this that is why we are leaving most of our identity "anonymous". We are doing this under the risk of  being charged to court for contract bridge by our various companies, so any help being done for you by any of our members should be kept as a secret between us. No contacting of companies or anything of such. Thank you for your compliance. For security purposes i can't reveal my real names to you. Are you okay with that?"

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