Monday, September 21, 2015

Easy Rent Money Phishing Scam (530-636-2438)

Beware a Craigslist scammer using the aliases "Dennis Drake" and "Kelvin Drake".
This criminal clown offers free rent money to people who are desperate for housing or rent $.

In response to one of my craigslist 'seeking shelter' ads, I received the following idiotic email a few days ago:

"A short story about our team: As Mercy Corps "anonymous" worker, i Kelvin Drake deemed it fit to reach out to the people of the states who really need our helping hand, it is definitely impossible to do this alone so i decided to partner with some anonymous workers of USAA and American Insurance Group (AIG). The purpose of this anonymous team is to deliver humanitarian aid using new technologies. Take note, it is not on our company's consent we are doing this that is why we are leaving most of our identity "anonymous". We are doing this under the risk of  being charged to court for contract bridge by our various companies, so any help being done for you by any of our members should be kept as a secret between us. No contacting of companies or anything of such. Thank you for your compliance. For security purposes i can't reveal my real names to you. Are you okay with that?"

Message sent from:

I'll cut to the chase. "Dennis Drake" or "Kelvin Drake" offered me rent money to stay off the streets, but of course I could only collect the cash after giving him my bank name, online banking account username and password, so he could easily, generously and "anonymously" transfer the cash to my account. OOPS I meant to say; so he could quickly transfer all MY money to HIS account.

Online Banking Usernames & Passwords are NOT required to receive money wire transfers from anyone. 

All they need is your account number and bank routing number to make an electronic deposit. 
or ANY OTHER personal information. This would include your bank website Login Code, Security question answers, etc. 

AGAIN, bank routing number and account number is ALL that is required to receive an electronic deposit. And I wouldn't even give that much info to anyone I don't know and trust, such as, my dad wants to wire me money for a birthday gift. I am expecting dad to wire me money, via bank to bank transfer, so I will give dad the 2 critical numbers he needs, and not one thing more. Trust me, it works, because my dad has successfully wired me money this way, using only my account number and bank routing number and nothing else. He didn't even need to know my first name. And he definitely didn't need my Password, Username, Security question answers, or additional account Login Code.

But apparently Dennis Drake hopes I'm so desperate for rent money I'll give him unlimited access to my checking and savings accounts.

LOL Dennis Drake, the saintly anonymous benefactor.... I have long awaited your arrival.

It was rather comical how I strung this fool along by giving him the wrong bank, username & password 15 times, and frustrating the crap out of the dumb greedy bastard, but I won't post our entire conversation, because it took me about 38 email exchanges to finally pry this prick's phone number from him, without disclosing mine.

Additional phone # related scams:
username: brhelles

As if Dennis Drake isn't disgustingly sleazy enough, trying to rob homeless persons like myself of the last 5 bucks rent money remaining in our bank accounts, Dennis also tries to con and rip off people who are sympathetic to disabled Veterans!!!  Not cool bro! NOT COOL AT ALL.

Our entire email exchange has been forwarded to IC3 complaint dept. for examination.

Although the above phishing mail I posted reads like it was written by a Nigerian 419 scammer, the other emails he sent (diction, grammar) lead me to believe this dirtbag was born and raised in the USA. Maybe he copied a phishing form letter drafted by a foreign scammer and is using it for himself. And of course these scumbags also operate in pairs or teams. ie; One in Nigeria, Europe or China, another in the US.

Dennis Drake, if you're reading this? You won't be "anonymous" much longer.
530-636-2438 Land Line - Chico, CA

Time to Squat and COUGH.

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