Saturday, November 21, 2015

Fake Check Recipient Q & A

**DISCLAIMER: I am NOT an expert on bank and check fraud policies and laws. I am NOT an attorney. I can NOT give legal advice. Do your own research.

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*Input welcome from anyone with expertise in this area, who can provide additional information which may assist or protect counterfeit check recipients.

Q.  I received a suspicious check or money order ie; advanced payment for a job. What should I do?

A. DO NOT BLINDLY DEPOSIT or cash the check, or you will get SCREWED!
(common sense).
Do NOT wire money to the scammer who sent you the check!
(more common sense).

Q. But what if the check is authentic? I need this money bad!

A. LINK: How to spot a fake check

If you're still not convinced the check is fake and you're being scammed, you can try to verify its authenticity, prior to cashing or depositing it.
You can call the issuing bank (not your bank) and ask for verification. But they might charge a verification fee. And many banks won't assist you. They'll probably say they don't release personal customer info to 3rd parties. And some banks will only verify the legitimacy of the account, and not whether the funds are available. Understand verifying an account number on a check is not enough to ensure that the check is legitimate.

DO NOT use the phone number printed on the check or envelope for verification, because you might be calling an impostor - fake bank teller who is part of the scam. Search online for credible bank customer service contact numbers, before making the call.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Blank ATM Card Scam

This scam is so obvious and lame I didn't feel it worth mentioning.
That, and it primarily targets dishonest people, whom I have little sympathy for.

BUT, Nigerian asswipes have been comment spamming the crap out of my blog for months. I'm getting annoyed and it's time to shoot back.

How does the scam work?
Stupidly simple. You pay "hackers" between $100 to $5,000 for a blank "programmed" ATM card the crooks claim can hack ATMs to spit out cash and make you rich overnight.

But you never get the card !!
And who will you call to complain? Cops? "Hello officer, I got ripped off for the $200 I paid for an illegal atm hacking card"? Or try calling the Nigerian scammers association complaint dept.? +234-529-SUCKAHHH

Just to see what tricks they might pull, I emailed and pretended to be interested. Within 60 seconds I got a reply.