Monday, May 22, 2017

1-844-421-5814 Plenty of PHISHING SCAM

CAUTION Plenty of Fish Members.

And other dating / singles site members...
Criminals are trying to infect your computers and/or mobile devices with malware, by luring you to a fake POF,, Eharmony, etc customer support call center, whose phony customer service Reps then instruct you to install a Trojan virus on your system.

Today I could not log in to, so I Googled "Can't sign in to Plenty of Fish" and "Plenty of Fish customer service"... and the phone number 1-844-421-5814 popped up all over Google search results front page.

It looks to me like criminals are using spambots to distribute that phone number all over the web.
And their diabolical plan is, to take advantage of people who Google then dial the number without ever questioning if it's a legit number or not.

So I called 1-844-421-5814 posing myself as a Plenty of Fish member who could not login to my account, and needed immediate customer support assistance.

An Indian man answered the phone, introducing himself only as "customer service"..
A man claiming his name is "John Gonzalves".
I know this for a fact, because I made John spell out his last name for me, letter-by-letter.
Certainly an unusual surname for an Indian man, but who am I to question such things?

I told John G. I haven't been able to login to my account for several days.

Mexican-Indian John sympathized with my dilemma, and was eager to assist. John told me to open my browser and visit: redirected to:

John told me to enter my full name and support key # 372-053-255 
in the web form shown in the screen shot above.

Following his instructions then took me to: etc

And now we reach the point where John wants me to download and run an application called GoTo Assist Opener.exe

What followed next, was a comical 20 minute conversation with John, in which I pretended to be running the application, and confused about whatever I was seeing on my computer screen.

John told me to press Ctrl+R and Ctrl+D and Windows key + Q?
I don't really remember his instructions because by now I was AFK, drinking beer at a pub down the street.

John became aggravated and frustrated as to why his Trojan wasn't working as planned, and gave up on computer illiterate me, and referred me to his supervisor.

Luckily the supervisor, "Ed", also Indian, spoke much better English than Juan Gonsalves... and I felt relieved I was finally getting to the Rootkit core of the problem, as it were.

Staff supervisor Ed told me to shut down my pooter and await further instructions. Which was.. to Restart my pooter and tap F8 to boot my system in Safe mode.... and that this was necessary because... he felt like my pooter might be infected with malware that wasn't working properly, and I needed to manually correct the problem.

But suddenly our call dropped, because I have a weak cell signal.
Fortunately, the plenty of phishing team immediately called me back, from an Unknown number, concerned I might not be able to get laid today.

I told Ed I'm really busy, and I should probably call back tomorrow.

Ed said... "No we need to resolve this problem right now, and it will only take 10 minutes or less"

I grew weary of the game, and said to Ed...
Did you really believe I installed your MALWARE??
You fucking idiot.

Our entire phone conversation was recorded, and I am forwarding the voice recording, to FBI as we speak.

Ed's befuddled reply to that was... "Well.. If you do that, the FBI will investigate YOU, because YOU are involved in criminal activity. And Ed said that I called him, not the other way around".

Yeah that's right Ed. I did call you. I called you because, I want to know who the hell you are, and why you are spamming out a phony POF customer service number on the web.

Virustotal analysis of that particular file indicates a Trojan.Kryptik! variant.
Online reports suggest it's Ransomware, like WannaCry - WannaCrypt, and once your system is infected, the thieves demand $300 to unlock your computer.
Or they might be trying to get at your PayPal account password, since POF uses Paypal for premium member upgrades.

I'm only guessing. Somebody please examine that exe file and tell me what exactly it does.

I'll be honest, right now I'm really wondering if POF was hacked again, like they were in 2011.
Registration seems to not be working well, and the same thing with sign in.
I can't log in and I'm not getting a password reset email either. It might only be a site bug... or it might be something much worse.

I have no tangible evidence the site was hacked, but let's say for argument's sake it was.
Let's say hackers are somehow preventing people from registering or logging in.
A lot of people would probably use search engines to find a customer service number to ask questions or file a complaint. And in the process, wind up stepping straight into this trap. Calling a fake customer service number, and then downloading and installing malware on their PC or mobile device. Many thousands of people might be forced to pay criminals a ransom to unlock their computer, and their personal data might be stolen as well.

I don't want this blog post to be a POF or other dating site consumer review. My only intention here is to warn, inform, and protect the public.

But I have to say that I feel that POF, now owned by Match Group Inc, who also owns, OKCupid, Tinder, and other dating sites and apps, isn't exactly helping matters in my opinion, and I personally, would never pay them a dime. Because I do not trust the company or their staff.

Word on the www is, their customer service totally sucks. On top of that, I find their cheap sales gimmick practices to be deceptive and unethical. Namely the "Meet Me" and "Likes" gimmicks.
And the sites are littered with scammers and millions of dead and fake profiles.

Is there a REAL customer service contact number?
But I'm not going to stick my neck out here.
No I'm going to let MATCH GROUP INC tackle that problem. The problem of.... Nobody seems to know for sure if there is a legitimate phone number their customers can call for assistance.

Worst of all, both POF & OKC routinely and surreptitiously delete accounts without explanation. Or is that only non-premium, non-A-List, Free accounts?
I really don't know. What I do know, is that many, if not ALL site members, don't even get an email, or site page login notification, saying their account was removed, for TOS violation, or whatever.

This leaves those members scratching their heads, wondering what the hell happened, why their account seems to either have been removed for some mysterious reason, or if it was hacked.

And that utter failure to communicate properly, respectfully, professionally, with their site members... is making these criminal's jobs so much easier for them.

Do not post phone numbers in comments.
Any comment that includes a phone number, email, or link, will NOT be published.


  1. Why dont you Report To cybver crime and Save some Peoples Life and money.

    1. What makes you think I did not report this matter to police? Is it because the cops haven't arrested you yet? Criminal investigations take time. Be patient, Unknown. With a bit of luck, you'll be in jail very soon.


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